Riders from approx. 4 yrs old to adults can use this bike.

We place an old LP into the drum on the front of the bike, paint is applied tio the spinning LP to create a Damien Hirst style painting for you to take home.  Everybody loves this bike and choose their favourite colours to make their own designs.


Riders from aged approx. 6 yrs old to adults can ride this bike, pedal and watch the used drinks can get slowly crushed before your very eyes.

Hire this bike for your event, not only can you encourage your visitors to reduce the volume of waste sent for recycling, but you can add an element of fun, the fastest to crush their can throughout the day, is the winner!



This package is for all of those competitive people out there and can be used by children from approx. 8 years up to adults.

The rider pedals as fast as they can to turn the hand of the clock one rotation.  The rotation is timed and the scores are recorded on the leader board.  Use this bike to encourage competition amoungst friends and family, great for team building events.

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